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Cost of Spider Pest Control

Common Pests

Do you want to know more about spider pest control? These spiders are rather uncommon and most people don’t encounter them. However, if they do come across your home or your business, these can be a very destructive pest. Their bites cause allergic reactions, nausea, nasal congestion, headaches and in some cases, even death. While some natural spider remedies can handle the problem on their own, sometimes it is a better idea to call in a professional spider pest control company to handle these pesky intruders.

Common Spider Species

Some of the most common spider species are red-back spider, white-tailed spider, huntsman spider, mouse spider, wolf spider, brown trapdoor spider, and brown recluse spider. While all of these insects are found in the southern states, it is more common for people to encounter the white-tailed spider in the northeast and the red-back spider in the southwest. Usually, the northernmost states experience an abundance of the white-tailed and the wolf spider is restricted to the coldest regions.

Some spider species are easier to manage than others. The brown trapdoor spider has several characteristics that make it a difficult pest to deal with. The first is that it thrives in dry and warm areas. Therefore, you will want to make sure you keep the areas that they usually hide in moist. This will include areas around water fixtures such as faucets and washing machines.


If you use chemicals on spider pests, you will need to do so cautiously. While they are not harmful to humans, they are still insecticides. Many precautions should be taken when handling pesticides. First, read the label carefully. The correct pesticide needs to not have any harmful effects on humans.

spider pest control

Also, keep a broom or vacuum handy during spider pest control treatment. You will want to pick up as much debris as possible in your yard and dispose of it properly. Remember to wear gloves and masks. There are several different chemicals available for spider eradication and all require proper handling to prevent the chance of accidental spray drift.


The cost of spider pest control depends on several factors. The size of the area and how much spider population you have in the area are two of the most important factors. Other factors include the type of spider involved, the treatment method you choose and how effective the product is. The cost of treatment may also include the cost of putting down the product, transportation, the cost of using chemicals and other fees depending on the contractor. Each service differs in price as well depending on what is included and what is not.

The best way to prevent spider infestation is to prevent spider behaviour. The key to spider control is to eliminate webs where spider activity can occur such as trees and other vegetation close to houses and buildings. To do this, you should inspect your property for spider webs regularly to look for spider activity. If you see any signs of spider webs around your house, be sure to check them and dispose of them promptly. This will help ensure your house is spider free.

When it comes to spider extermination, many people prefer to use a DIY approach. While this can work it can be quite time consuming and may not always guarantee the complete elimination of spider webs. Professional pest control companies are equipped with the proper gear and chemicals to eradicate spider webs and their accompanying insects. These services are also quite pricey. On the other hand, a do it yourself approach can be quite reasonable if you use a product with proven spider killing properties.

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